Wednesday 2 March 2011

In the news this week (week 3) ... BBA4, Mohits, AMAA and more

Hey everyone, thanks a lot for the comments, and a bigger thanks to my new followers, i'm glad to know you all enjoy reading my posts. Since my "The week so far ..." post last week, a lot has happened and here is a summary.

BBA4 winner Kevin Chuwang Pam and former house-mate Elizabeth Gupta say 'I DO'

Its been 2 months since the traditional bridal shower took place in Tanzania, now the pair have finally walked up the altar. The white wedding took place at the International Conference Centre Hall, Abuja on Saturday, 26th of February.
Hope they have a happy married life

Kanye West Tweets Dbanj and Don Jazzy: Kanye - Mo'Hits Collaboration 

Mo'Hits mean business this year, first the over loved Mr Endowed Remix, and now a possible collaboration with the one and only Kanye West. The tweet confirms earlier claims by Mo'hits that they were approached by Kanye in a Dubai show last December. Fans are hoping this is for real, and with the new video published on YouTube some hours ago, this may be a lot more than publicity stunt.  fingers crossed.

2011 African Movie Academy Award nominee list

This year's award nomination night was held in Nairobi, Kenya on Friday 25th of January at the Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi. Pictures from this event can be found HERE, and, the full list of nominees has been released HERE

The award which is traditionally held in April has been scheduled for Saturday 26th of March due to the forth coming 2011 Nigerian Presidential election. The venue has also been confirmed as Gloryland Cultural Centre, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State.


Online dating Scam causes a 48yrs old American $200,000: 
According to reports in the last week, an American man has been scammed off $200,000 by his inexistent online girlfriend

Charismatic head of 'Glory House International' pleads guilty to sexual assault:
According to  Channel4, London - based Nigerian evangelist Dr Albert Odulele pleads guilty to sexual assault on a 21yrs old and, indecently assaulting a 14yrs old boy, both of whom were previous members of his congregation.

That's that for this week, my apology goes to all the leapers, sorry i forgot to do a happy birthday post for you earlier this week, but hope you all had a lovely celebration. As compensation, i have found a website which may be useful especially to those who feel disgusted by the fact that most online forms on various websites don't accept February 29th) as a valid birthday. The site also allows its members to socialize with each other, so have fun.

Well, to non - leapers like me, have a fabulous weekend, your home work this week is to name the lady in this picture, copy- copy is strictly not allowed and remember if you copy i will definitely find out spyware < serious face >



  1. hahaaa tonto dikeh. hahaa im guessing its an old pic cuz she looks kinda chubby

  2. Love your blog!

    Check out mine and please follow if you'd like:

  3. How come the geeks get all the hot chicks? Oh wait, he's the BBA4 winner. Money in the bank! ;-) J/k, congrats to them, hope they're happy.

    SMH @ the Glory House International story. I despise these greasy 'evangelists'. A lot of them are manipulative and are fakes and phonies, using faith to take advantage of people. I could rant all day, but am not going to. I just hope the courts throw the book at that guy HARD.

  4. Tnx for coming you for the ashamed on his behalf..what is happenig to chritendom?!!

  5. omy, how do you get scammed that much money without realising and the pastor... God forgive him smh
    check me out :)

  6. AMAA award is early this year. It is typically in December. Mohits are definitely hammering this year o....i won't mind back up dancer or singer (deres auto tune now)

  7. It's a good thing Kelvin finally walked down the isle with his sweetheart,even though i never watched their own edition of BBA.Meanwhile,when i saw Kanye's tweet to D'Banj,i was really elated cos i knew it was only hte beginning of new things to come.Nice blog,i now have a place to catch on some very cool gossips.*blusing*

  8. I cannot wait for the kanye collaboration!!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  9. The lady in the picture is Tonto, lol...

  10. I am would be thrilled if their was a kanye mo-hits banger! it would add something to the mo-hits vibe. bc all their songs are starting t o sound very similar. don jazzy is talented nonetheless!

  11. I seem to have gotten to the point where nothing surprises me anymore, that pastor is a disgrace to his lineage.

    Congrats to Chuwang Pan.I remember him first as the naive northerner in The Next Movie Star (cant remember the season, but its the one Portia Yamaha won, he followed thru with his reality TV dreaam until he won.

  12. Thank you all for the comments, and most of all for reading
    @A-9ja ur very welcome, anytime
    I didn't think any one wld guess the Tonto pic though, seems i thought wrong

  13. Yay for Mo Hits. That's cool. As for the pastor hisssssssssssss they put put his arse in jail



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