Tuesday 1 March 2011

If i was a rich girl: Naija Shopping

So I’ve been thinking #if I was a rich gal# my next shopping would include ….

Available at: Miss & Mrs, founded in 2007 by Alice Jackson
Located: Wuse, Abuja
Contact: 08051050814>07098207210
N/B: A 50% sale is on at the moment


Available at: Leila fowler, founded in 2008 by Funke fowler
Located: Victoria Island, Lagos
Contact: 017410018 


Available at:
08051566352, 08166302603 
N/B: Delivery attracts extra cost

Well guys, sleep tight but there is more of my wish list to come 
Let me know what you think of my wish list for the time being


  1. Lool @ "if i was a rich girl".. :p
    iono bout the jacket or red dress, or black trouser & top,lol..seems too mature for me.
    love every other thing else :) ..u know u cn get most of the dresses on ur wishlist and those cute strappy heels at "forever 21", "A'gaci", or "wet seal" at very affordable prizes ryt?
    goodnite :)

  2. love the bijoux and the jacket. really lovely....www.secretlilies.blogspot.com

  3. love the bijoux and the jacket. really lovely....www.secretlilies.blogspot.com

  4. money cometh! just open ur hands to receive it...

    Lovely pieces...I want me some of them too.

  5. hahhah....lol. u r a rich girl jor. I want the red dress!

  6. I luv the red dress... plus it's my favorite color. Now if you were a rich girl maybe you'll have bought it for me.... :)

  7. hehe the red dress is dope and i'm definitely craving some nice oxford shoes too

  8. I'm hearting this wish list too! :'(

    Love the first dress. And that red one- classic!

    I'll probably check out that Miss and Mrs soon :D

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog xoxo


  9. I realli like ur blog..... lovely...
    please follow....

  10. Your blog is awesome..m loving it..
    and please what kind of camera you are using, I wanna buy mine soon..
    Keep up the good work..xxx

  11. Really nice outfit for women, hey what about for guys. Please don’t be bias, also advertise for men too. Well your blog is cool; you’re doing a great job. Have a nice day


  12. Thanks y'all for the comments,
    @kitkat: very helpfull tip, i'll definately consider it when next i am in the states
    @Anoda Phase: i'm ready to keep my hands open all day if that wld help money palava
    @9ja foodie: Amen to that
    @Prism of an immigrant: Yes oo, wld definately have
    @The Cornershop: YW
    @Coco-Caramel: Thx
    @Stella: As a not so rich girl i stick to the camera on my blackberry
    @NCG: Thanks for putting me on track, i'll definately do one

  13. You blog is really cool. I actually like the black outfit. I can't believe you tried reading all my posts. I am flattered. hope you enjoyed it though.

  14. i love the first dresses amazing xoxo

  15. the red dress is very lovely..i would defs wear that..
    lovely blog aswel :)


  16. Hi Chizy K, Thanks for the blog comment. I love the red dress most. ASOS does a very similar version. Just like a dress Posh Spice wore. Gorgeous choices of outfits overall though - always nice to visualise! :-)

  17. hmmmmm!! you know.. If you invest in a sewing machine, you wouldn't need to be a rich girl. Just a creative one!


  18. I love the red dress and Imma make it. I'll put a pic up on my blog when I'm done :o)


  19. Thank you everyone for sharing ur opinion
    Please do Gbemi, u make awesome stuffs esp d ones u made 4 ur friend Lebs
    @Ghenz, my mum is a fashion designer oo n i know i should follow in d biz, but i' just a lazy gal SMH


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