Wednesday 9 March 2011

The hair madness continues: Predicted hairstyles for 2013


I'd like to start today's post by saying thank you to all those who read my blog, a big big thank you to those who take the time to comment and an even bigger thank you to my new followers, without you, laughing alone would be like erm ... i couldn't think of anything ooo. SMH

As I always say, when it comes to fashion and hairstyle, Nigerians and Africans in general are the fastest, because we have what I call the copy - copy syndrome. I have no problem with copying, because you have to learn from those around you to improve yourself right? Or wrong? Anyway i believe if you have to copy then do it perfectly if not better.

Well, inspiration for some of the latest hairstyles this year came from Rihanna and Willow Smith. You don’t believe me? I’ve got proof below

Yes ooo!!! Even on red carpet, it is acceptable

So I was thinking, like I always do, it can’t be so hard to predict the upcoming hair style trends for 2013, can it?  Well, I'll like you guys to be ahead of everyone else so, I’m sharing my little secret with you all. These ae the predicted hairstyles for 2013

I am really surprised that none of my mates have adopted Cassie's hairstyle, i think its long over due don't you think?
Anyway, I didn’t leave out the guys this time, Oh no i didn't

Who said it's only David Beckham that can pull such style Eh?

Who Said Russel Brand's style is a NO!NO! I mean its easy, leave your hair till it grows long enough, ignore the regular hair wash and brushing, bang, you've achieved his style

Well, there are more from non-celebrities though, but hey, i got these pictures from the top page of google so they are just as good as celebrity hairstyles. i think

Well which hairstyle are you feeling the most? 
As for me it's this fan hairstyle ..... especially for Naija sumer holidays lol... 
But it seems all my friends are going for the Amy Winehouse 'bee hive' hairstyle, 
Another of my friend thinks her BOSS can pull off that Mohawk or patewo hehe
I'd like to know your favorite. 



  1. lool! these hairstyles are crazy. I've seen the cassie haorstyle on a nigerian chick. saw her when i went home for xmas and it lookd real cute on her.. dnt knw if everyone can pull it off though,lol.. me for example..
    omg that lady really went for kill with her willow smith imitation.. it's jst weird seeing a much older person with the hair.. she tried sha, wonder hw she sleeps at night with the huge load on her head :p
    looool @ the baby with the long weaveon(first pic)
    xoxo :)

  2. These hairstyles are crazy! The heart hair is cute (but seems totally impractical) I love looking at these but I don't think I'd ever try any haha!

    Also, I just put a giveaway up if you're interested :)


  3. Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  4. hmmmm, that baby's pic.....hmmm, who did that wicked thing to the baby? I'm feeling the fan hairstyle

  5. hahhahahahhaha....... I hope I wont see pple carrying these styles around on d daily.
    mehnnnnnnnn....too much distraction.

  6. these are such fun hair styles lol great post

  7. blessings....

    None, I am not feeling any of them, you couldn't pay me to where my hair that way. I don't follow trends, copying is not my style. I tend to do my own thing and who don't like can lump it.

    interesting post.
    enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. Lmho!..well. since am low cut...

  9. hey! you asked about the black playsuit on my blog? It's from good 'ol primark!


  10. First pic of the baby made me laugh. Too cute!

    I personally love the 'frohawk. It's a look I want to do on myself, but rather than taking the clippers to the side, I want to cornrow it. Doing cornrows properly (even on myself - I've seen on youtube that can be done!) is a skill I want to learn.

    I was also out this past weekend and there was this one black dude with the craziest hair. Now, I'm a fan of the 'hawk, but this one just looked chavtastic, and it didn't help the guy was a poser wearing sunglasses inside a nightclub. Hehe!

  11. I am seriously feeling the last female one: 'aeroplane meets fan'. What a cracker! Na wa o, lol.

  12. I am following you :))

    Well I like the lady with the blue braids as I no fit to sout!


  13. Looking at some of these pictures and I just want to do what Castle Fashion (2nd comment) did in her profile pix.

    As for the baby *sigh

  14. LooooL! I dunno my love! these hairstyles have been around for quite a while and whilst I haven't seen anyone picking up any of these styles thus yet, I seriously Pray, Fast, Cry, Hope that nobody does this!!!!

  15. One word - Madness. People should really learn to differentiate btw celebrity hair and In-real-life hair!

  16. hahaha people have time sha!
    The fan is outrageous and the little girl's parents should get a call from CPS :o)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and ffing. Now ffing right back

  17. LMAO at this posts! OMG. I give it up for the copy copy syndrome oh- but only if it's not done blindly like the present lace wig fiasco lol.

    I think the next hairstyle will be nicki minaj's lol. Cassie's hasn't caught and never will= hope she's not too disappointed hehe


    P.S LOOOOL at the fan hair style comment!

  18. lol i saw a girl in the palms with the willow smith hair do. really i don't know how she will sleep. for me a lot of the hairstyles are for the run way, acting, etc not an everyday stuff.. but they are so funny.
    love your blog

  19. One word-NONSENSE!
    Another word- RUBBISH!!
    Yet another word- MADNESS!!!
    All in the name of hairstyles!!!
    I am not feeling any of these hairstyles o...

  20. These days U women wow the world in the name of fashion..I mean how can U got through this torture N torment in the name of fashion??...The Mother of that baby should be sued for child ABUSE...Good Lord!

  21. OMG, I can't stop laughing! Is that a fan or a helicopter? I think that is my favorite. LOL...

    Also check my blog for your award. :)

  22. nicki minaj is crazy love here

    for your award

  23. Uh words!! I DO love hair cos I feel its the best head accesory EVER so I allow a BIT of craziness.....but these nutters are all bonkers! SHEESH!

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  24. P.S. hon. I just gave you an award. Go to my blog to claim it xoxo


  25. LOL, Rihanna is looking pretty good! But which one do you like? Love you blog and your sence of humour! Now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  26. Hmmm, this one is hard to believe oh. So is this how our girls and ladies are going to be making there hair come 2013, well guys be ready for bills oh. How long can you were such a hair style, I hope na half a year or what…

  27. I have tagged you in the One lovely blog award. Check my blog to claim it

  28. Thank y'all 4 taking time to leave ur comments

    @Myne,MsNana,Corner Shop,Vyvyka
    Thanks so so much 4 d award

    @Castle fashion hopefully i'm not to late, will check it out asap
    @Baby budget blog ur welcome
    @Dami thx for getting bak to me
    @Eden lol.. at d sunglasses, i didn't even notice that bit
    @Mena Thx so nice of u
    @Gbemisoke thx a lot 4 ffing bak
    @Tamunoibifiri i cld ve paid good money to c dat in real
    @Annabelle ur welcome, i am now ffing bak
    @NCG: lol.... c where ur mind is headed

  29. Our fav is the long hair. The more normal and neat a hairstyle the more effective it is according to our research.


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