Monday 21 March 2011

In the news this week (week 5) ... Kokomobile, Terry G's birthday, Ahmed Alasari dead, Jessica Tata surrenders, Pastor Lucy Adeniji gets 11years

A photo alleged to be Dbanj and a nude stripper was released online yesterday

Yoruba actor, Ahmed Alasari was confirmed dead yesterday at Federal Medical Centre, Idi- aba, Abeokuta after a car accident on his way to Abeokuta from Lagos to promote his new movie, "Omo Night Club"

Kokomobile was officially lunched last week, and is now available at N9,800 wholesale price. It has several features including Customized ringtone, Memory card, Flash light, FM Radio, MP3/MP4, latest Dbanj and Mohits songs and videos, GPRS, Facebook, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz, Opera, First bank mobile application and N500 free account opening at first bank. More details here

Terry G celebrated his birthday (17th of March) at SOS Children's Village Lagos, with his mum (who shares the same birthday as him) and friends like from Big Brother Africa's Uti  Nwachukwu

Jessica Tata the 22years old Nigerian who was declared wanted by the US Marshals after the fire which killed four children last month at her day care in West Houston has reportedly surrendered to authorities by handing herself in at the US Consulate in Lagos.

Pastor Lucy Adeniji-Williams of TLCC Ministries, Barking, London, (an illegal immigrant and mother of five) who was accused of smuggling victims into Britain with false passport, using them as servants in her home and torturing them on several occasions was last month convicted of 17 different counts. Isleworth crown court, West London has now jailed her for 11 and a half years, and she faces fraud investigation and automatic deportation after her jail term.


  1. Good grief, not another fake person of God. You are getting my blood boiling right here, girl!

    There was also another case of a woman who'd smuggled a Tanzanian lady to the UK, and it has been branded a case of 'modern day slavery'. It's horrible what some people will do. Just horrible.

  2. yes ooo i guess your talking bout the ex-doctor, saw that one last week was shocked too

  3. Hummm...Dbang...why am I not suprised.
    @The pastor lady; why? how did she ever think what she was doing was Godly? SMH. so sad!
    @the actor...may his soul rest in peace.... SO sad how these pple are just dying off. like what is it? I know accidents happen, but they are so rampant in Nigeria. is it reckless driving or a subject of bad roads? or is it a combination of both? God rest his soul.

  4. Alasari, rest in unfortunate..GOD would comfort your family..*sigh*

    as per D'banj, why am i not surprised hum? kokomobile ni, kokomobile ko!

    ha! another pastor wahahla!..mschewww! she even publish book sef!..mschewww! This is why i hardly read some xtain books that simply don't click to me! some are too good to be a fairy tale! atimes i wonder if they are not human beings! they even lie during preaching! i don't pity her at all o! nonsense! GOD WOULD CONTINUE TO EXPOSE THEM ALL!

  5. omg so that jessica tata has finally surrendered. i heard she really is an american citizen and her only ties to nigeria are her parents. i heard she was cooking sumthing and left the day-care to buy an ingredient..when the place burnt down. imagine??
    omg the woman of God is such a disgrace. i pity those cute kids though. now they wont have a mum :/
    eeew the pic with the dirty stripper is disgusting..she isnt even hot :/
    and Koko mobile?? it'll jst be another symbol of razzness. i understnd "koko" is his brand but it's such a razz name..i wont wnt the phone!..he shld hv done sumn like a clothing line instead.

  6. Koko mobile is actually a good thing,it shows D'banj has 'sense'.Meanwhile,that looks very much like him in the photo with the stripper.Nice one Chizy K.

  7. Is this your blog??? I've been missing ooo

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Sad those innocent kids had to pay for this woman`s carelessness anyway i guess she did well by turning herself in coz running only makes things worse..Erm Chizy is that reALLY D`banj or some photoshopped image

  10. I heard she didnt surrender o! she was caught by interpol in PortHarcourt according to Guardian. Na wa o. she may have been innocent but ran out of fear... poor girl

  11. Dbanj is sha just succeeding at putting himself or finding himself in hotter and hotter peppersoup. and why did this Tata babe bother wasting d ticket money by jacking in the first place? and these tales of fake men and women of God is definitely falling hand for the image of Christianity o!

  12. See boobs! :-)

  13. All these pastors that are just posing! This is just messed up!

    And that looks like Dbanj oh! Chai!


  14. @kitkat am waiting 4 d koko craziness to start
    @A-9ja-great thx
    @Nutty J Ur welcome, thx for following me
    @Diddy i honestly don't know, i just can't tell
    @Nonye hmmm this is a 1st, neva heard that, thx by d way 4 d info
    @Chimezie lol...

  15. wow...Chizy nice roundup here...
    It's a shame about the four kids and the sitter who fled...i think she prob got scared and dind't think clearly abt her actions...that's how good ppl sometimes become bad.

    Anyhow, ppl who slave others in the name of being a son or daughter of God is so shameful.I have no sympathy for such ppl, they need to deal with the consequences of their deeds...


  16. the lady accussed of child slavery is innocent.


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