Thursday 17 March 2011

Celebration!!! Celebration!!! Celebration!!! Accents

Hehe, i found this picture sometime last year can't even remember where but it seems perfect for today's celebration. I know the question is what are we celebrating???

Well i'll start by saying happy blogoversary to BSNCPrism of an imigrant e.t.c. And of-course to moi, my baby is 1 month old this Sunday yeah!!!! lol... with this level of excitement, i'll probably be throwing a big party when he's a year old.

Anyway, i know i say thank you so much, but i promise this would be my last thank you note, permission granted, so thank you all so much for supporting this blog through your comments, recommendations and of course for following me, it feels like i have a new family to come home to after a long and busy day.

Anyway i was having a chat with some friends earlier this week, one thing led to another and we got talking about accents. This is weird but I've got a thing for people with accents, ranging from Italian, French Russian, Chinese e.t.c. I'll even give anything to have an American accent, but at the same time its funny to think that Americans are crazy about British accents, so it just goes round and round. Talking about British accents, these are varied, it seems my best is the Northern English accent or even South London accent, or maybe Irish accents too lol... Its just amazing hearing a mix of them all, anyway i have attached a video, hopefully it would help you  understand my love for accents.

By the way, how about Nigerian accents?
Tell me, I'm i biased, because, though unlike most Nigerians i know, i don't mind hanging around friends with the thickest Ibo, Yoruba or even  Hausa accent, i still doubt i'll even consider getting married to one. This is despite the fact that a man with a thick British, American or Chinese accent wouldn't cause me the slightest worry.

Then again, maybe, just maybe i'm not to blame, it may well be our society, maybe we don't appreciate what we have, and instead choose to laugh off friends with an accent, and sometimes, i am tempted to conclude that this such behavior is to blame for the very little value placed on our Nigerian languages these days. Having socialized with a lot of Brits, it seems they take their accent as an identity, hence they try so hard to preserve it, this is also apparent by looking at a range of British TV personalities like Paul O'Grady.

So help me here, I'm i looking at this from just one angle? What's wrong with the Nigerian accent? Are we so ashamed of our Nigerian Languages that we refuse to pass it on to our kids? Why is it cool to have an American or British accent yet its a big problem tolerating people around us with a Nigerian accent?


  1. Hmmmm,one month? I would've sworn it's at least three months old.Nice one Chizy K,u're doing a great job obviously.You didn't say if that was you in the picture.

    The issue we have with Nigerians is that a lot of us are actually ashamed of the fact that we're Nigerian.But things are changing now though with this new trend of '9ja' sweeping the whole country and areas of the globe where Nigerians are located.E go better,i don't have the Nigerian accent but i speak my pidgin with any slight chance i get.

  2. ;looool this is very funny he is good

  3. Quite difficult to answer but must say here that we Nigerians are always in the habit of taking after the West. For some reasons, it is bad but also cool for some other reasons. I am here at

  4. happy blogoversary blog mate!!! I love my naija accent o! I have tried modulating it when I speak in class or at work, but the thing has refused to

  5. haha, i've seen the vid before.laughed at his nigerian accent immitation..vewi hilarious!
    i love british accent, i think it's sexy. I like australian accent as well, but not as much as british accent. i dunno why most ppl hate australian accent. American accent is just ok, dnt love or hate it.
    As for Nigerian accent,lool..i hate every nigerian tribal accent..ibo accent, yoruba accent, hausa accent..eew!..but i like plain posh nigerian accent. :p
    I hate most accents of african countries expecially eastern africa,lol. and congrats on your one month blogoversary :)

  6. you have a one month old baby?!!!! awwwwwwww....i bet he's adorable! Congrats on the one-month milestone oh!lol

  7. lool! at the video guy! he tried but he ddint get the nig accent sha..

    as for not liking our accents and language..*sigh* my last post was on this issue. check it out

  8. Blessings.....
    Cute pic...and congratulations on your baby boy. Don't every apologize for celebrating girl.

    Stay blessed and have a fabulous weekend.

  9. wait am confuse; is it your son or the blog that is one month old?..anyway congratulation :)... about has definitely put me off from watching nollywood english films & mexican soap operas sha!

  10. About the accent, i think it's a case of wanting what you don't have. Americans love British accents, Nigerians love American accents. Which one of the British accents does James Bond have cause that one can cause me to orgasm on the spot LOL!!

    Happy blog anniversary babe! Your blog is really interesting so we've got to follow oh :D


  11. Yeah Chizy, your blog really is cool but one question i will want to ask is how did you get so much of this traffic if your blog is just 1 month old. hmmm that must be really cool. you blog really tight. As for the video, this guy is really crazy maybe he is this talented. well Naija accent to me is cool. I believe different people with diff accent.

  12. Omo, see peekshur sha! The pic looks like an ad for 'child abuse'! See as laugh wan kill me!Is that rice and stew I see? And is that a N20 candle? Na wa!

  13. first off, I HATE my general American accent(it's sooooooooo boring!!!!) and would do almost anything to have a Nigerian accent or any no-American accent for that matter.

  14. :( i lost my 9ja accent!!!..going back LOVE BRITISH n AUSTRALIAN accents More!!...and erm as for the picture of the Child??--no comments coz E NO GET SIZE!!!!...hahahaha

  15. lmao...i actually loved d indian accent best..

  16. I don't mind the Nigerian accent, I lived in Nigeria but most of my friends didn't have thick accents they had that posh like Nigerian accents. But right now I'm in the US and think any accent people should be proud of and even talking in their language in public abroad too.

  17. Thanks Chizy K for the shout out :-)

    I think Nigerians view having a foreign accent as an advantage, and this all goes back to how materialist and divided we are as a society. The accent means you've been janding or going to yankee, which means you have some money, which means you're respected in society and called madam. Just my 2 kobo.

  18. @A-9ja-great thats not a picture of me as a baby, hopefully one day i'll ve d guts to put mine up
    @Vyvyka Thx
    @Sisi, Ibhade, Rhapsody B, i don't have a baby, d only baby i have for now is this blog
    @The corner shop thx a lot, by d way i think d original bond had a scottish accent, not sure though
    @Gino i don't know ooo, mayb its facebook lol..
    @Chimezie lol... thought candle was N5?
    @Ogonna i don't know y but i can't bear indian accent sometimes
    @Prism of an immigrant i think u summed it all up

  19. Happy One Month Anniversary.



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