Saturday 26 February 2011

In the news this week (week 2) ... Baby Gaga,

Good morning people. I finally found time to update my blog yeeaaah.  Trust me this week has been hectic and stressful, pheeew, I‘m just glad the weekend is here. Anyway, it is official, even busy schedules can‘t stop aproko like me from getting the latest gist.

Hmmm… have you heard of Baby Gaga? It’s the latest ice cream in town by Icecreamist made from breast milk - organic free range -  lol… not my words oooo.  For those who are interested, it costs £14/ $24, by the way, we must not forget this is a new source of income for lactating mothers in search of  extra cash. So ladies put your assets to good use and apply as Icecreamist offers £15 for every ten ounces of breast milk extracted. Good money eh??? You tell me. Well, while we are on the Gaga gist, I may as well add that Sir Elton John has just revealed that Lady Gaga would be the God mother of his 2months old son Zachary, mhen, i envy that baby. Anyway, enough of the Gaga gist for now.

Beyonce has had it red hot in the media for the past week , first she is slashed for lightening her skin, now she is being grilled for wearing black-face make up for a photo shoot. I'm yet to have a take on the former story considering she is half Creole/ half African - American and i know nothing about skin types and complexions, so i would leave you to compare the pictures below for your self

Well, these for me do not form part of the most catchy news this week. Since the under wear bomber thingy, we thought things couldn’t get any worse for Nigerians, but obviously we thought wrong because this week’s paper was graced with the story of the Nigerian immigrant (Mr Olaide Taiwo ) who stole identities of  350 people to claim £1.3million in benefit. Like that wasn’t enough, yesterday I read about the Nigerian (Maxmillian Ezimora) who shot his wife 5 times in Atlanta, thank God she survived it, but for how long? I don’t know if anyone else gets upset about stories like these, because,  it gets on my nerves. I just keep telling myself the deed is done and all that is left is to console ourselves with positive stories of Nigerians out there doing us proud.

Anyway, still on this week’s gist, does anyone know the latest hair in vogue? I do. On Bella Naija last night, it seemed I alone noticed the new hair trend. I don‘t know what it’s called, though i know Lagosians would sort that bit soon enough. Well, to follow the trend all you need to do is wear your hair long enough to be mistaken for a pony with two legs.  By the way you didn’t read about this last bit here. #OkBye#


  1. Pony with two legs... Hilarious! Shey you no follow sha? I wonder why Beyonce is going the 'Michael Jackson' route... It can only end badly for her!

  2. Baby Gaga, whats dat about self. Hope these mothers are tested for health issues

  3. Baby Gaga icecream, are you trying to make me gag? Ewww...

    As for the long weaves, we wan turn Indian by force, lol...

  4. nuh fair. dnt want anyone picking on my beyonce,lol. she looks much fairer(even white) in the 2nd pic hey..but maybe it was just a trick of the light or something. (lol i'll say anything to defend her)
    naija women and their "by-fire-by-force" fashion. hope they dnt trip on their weaves,lol.

  5. I guess Wacko Jacko's spirit has descended on Beyonce..........sooo eeeewwww.

    Baby Gaga? Nice! Lol!

    Very entertaining post, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments,
    @ Chimezie, i no follow YET lol..

  7. Oh boy beyonce looked finer before...i don't know why we are ashamed of our bad....
    the breast milk OMG.....
    Anyways lovely blog...

  8. Wow!! Didn't know Beyonce's skin was that white till i saw these two pics! Yeah, she's going Michael on us lol!

    LMAO at the long hair- interesting oh. That's just weird


  9. nice one chizy...Black ppl have a thing with hair...we can't help it...but i like to stay convincingly natural


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