Saturday, 23 February 2013

Was Tiwa Savage Singing About Her Now Fiance T-Billz In Her Song 'Oma Ga'?

I'm not sure but it sounds like Tiwa Savage was singing about her now fiance T-Billz in her song 'Oma ga'.

Deducing from the hook of the song it appears almost to be true that her manager and fiance T-Billz was the subject of the song. The hook sings:
"Oma ga o. Oga yii ga o. O l'omo ti e oO tun wo mi gaan o"

Translating to English language the hook means:
"Its surprising. This boss is surprising.
He has his own woman (or child)
And he's still staring at me"
Okay, the lyrics of the hook just seem to match the Tiwa-Billz situation: First of all, T-Billz is Tiwa's manager which makes him her Oga; culling the first line. Secondly, it is rumoured that T-Billz was involved with a lady or maybe still is by whom he has two kids, signifying the second line: "O l'omo ti e o" which could either mean "He has his own woman" or "he has his own child(ren)." Thirdly, now that they are engaged, it is only normal that she must have caught T-Billz staring at various occasions (before they got hitched) pointing out the third line "O tun wo mi gaan o".

Since we don't know when they started dating, I think it is safe to say that she probably made that song before they got attached to each other, during which T-Billz must made advances to her.

But if I'm right, the lyrics point that as at the time she made the song, she wasn't feeling T-Billz for her to have sung about it.

Listen to song here:

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