Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fan To Peter Psquare "Cut That Hair. We Loved You For Your Simplicity"

Peter Psquare posted the above picture on Instalgram and a fan commented, "cut that hair. We loved you for your simplicity. You were so cool and charming...back then".

Do you agree with the fan? Do you think he's not cool anymore with his new hair style?

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  1. Thought I was the only one complaining about his hair besides it doesn't potray him as a good father for his kids. Am so disappointed because he looked better when he had a low cut. I see him as nigeria's usher raymond.

  2. I agree wit d fan, dis "bus conductor" hairstyle doesn't fit him @ all.

  3. Yeah,have always wanted to say this...don't like his present look,wouldn't mind saying it to his if I'm opportuned. Let him get that hair cut right away,like seriously...that simple and cool look is much better.

  4. Nigerians too dey complain!!! Mind ur bizness! Na una hair.... Mtchewwww!

  5. But seriously he looked better and decent with his hair cut.And would be very handsome when he cuts his hair.

  6. I concur with the fan, he looked simple and cool in his formal haircut.


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