Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WOW!!! Parents Toss A Coin To Decide Who Saves Son's Life.

mum and dad with brave Adam 

Parents who are individually desperate to save dying son's life toss a coin to decide who gave up kidney for transplant.

The parents Muntzair and Kiran Younis were a perfect match and were equally desperate to save their son- Adam's life. But the Father, Muntzair landed heads- the mother recalled: 
"We were outside the hospital and the doctors gave us a deadline to decide who’d donate.We argued over it and called my mum who said to flip a coin. My husband flipped it. It was like slow motion, I was thinking, ‘Please God let it be me’. I was gutted when it was him! It’s such a special gift."
Adam was born with congenital nephrotic syndrome, which stopped his kidneys filtering. He would swell up from excess water and had his left kidney removed at nine months.

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He miraculously made null the verdicts of doctors who said he may not live past 18 months. But then, he had his right kidney taken out in June 2011. He was put on dialysis for six months until his lifesaving transplant.

Adam, now four years old, has two brothers, and has started school last September. Muntzair, who gave up his restaurant job to care for him, said: "As a dad, I wanted to be the one to help. I’m so proud of him."

Adam also painted a touching picture — called "From My Daddy" — which is to be exhibited at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Kiran added: "We’ve been told Adam may need a transplant in the future, so I know I am a match!"

Kiran with her son 
On recovery... Kiran with Adam

 Adam’s touching pic 
Adam's Picture: From My Daddy

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