Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beyonce Buys House For Mum

The American super star and Pepsi's Ambassador Beyonce is to purchase a $5.9 million mansion for her mum, Tina. I read that the deal on the home which has not been finalized is 25,000 square ft and sits on two acres of land .

It also features a pool, a private screening room, games room, Four garages and  two Jacuzzi's. Hmmmm........that is money speaking.

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  1. lovely happy mum

  2. And she is buying what for her father?

    1. Her Dad cheated on her mum. Why do u thhink Beyonce fired him as from being her manager. He cheated & d woman even got pregnant, which led to d divorce.

  3. Really nice and kind of her but what on earth do they need a private screening room for????

  4. seriously? what is one single person going to do with 25,000 sq feet of house? I feel like you would feel lonely in all that space..


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