Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nike Oshinowo's Marriage To Dr Soleye Crashes + Joint Press Statement On Their Seperation


The 6yr conjugal bliss between ex-beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo and Lagos doctor, Dr Tunde Soleye has suddenly collapsed. Even though friends of Nike Oshinowo have heaped the blame on Dr Soleye, while friends of Dr Soleye have also blamed Nike for their separation, the actual reason behind their break up is unknown for now. According to Encomium Weekly, Nike and Dr Soleye have recently released a joint press statement concerning their separation. It reads thus:

Dr Ayotunde Soleye and Chief Adenike Oshinowo have decided to live apart for now, while they work on their differences. 
The couple who have been married for six years, have requested for their privacy to be respected during this dificult period. 
They hope that you will put them in your prayers.
Thank you
Encomium Weekly also reported that Dr Soleye and Nike now live apart. Nike lives in an apartment in Ikoyi while Dr Soleye lives in Parkview estate, also in Ikoyi. According to Dr Soleye,

"We are a couple, but we are now living apart. There is nothing new about it. We are no longer living together. We have been living apart for a couple of months now. Nike and I have sent out a joint statement on the issue. It is simple and clean. There is no gap. We are resolving the issue. We had three options, the best of which is to tell the world the truth that we now live apart. We are trying to make up . There is no fight, I have been to where she lives. We are still friends, I speak to her regularly. We are an item and nobody can stop us We are going through difficult times and we will come out of it."
This must really be a difficult period for Nike and Dr Soleye. I sincerely wish they would make up soon.

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  1. Dis Nike should just stay on her own abeg.she's not d only woman in town.if na young babe now,pple for don abuse am say she dey sleep around,wots Nike doing if not sleeping around?guess d man's broke,so she's moving to d next mugu.


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