Friday 4 November 2011

Have You Noticed, Segun Arinze Been Re-rocking The Same Suit Since 2009

We all have our favourite clothing item, mine has to be the winter jacket I've been rocking since 2009, hopefully this winter, I'll convince myself to dump it for good. 

Well, ace Actor/ AGN President (Actors Guild Of Nigeria President) Segun Arinze has been re-rocking this same suit for a while now, it does suit him well, and it seems the actor knows it.
IMAGE 1: July 2009
IMAGE 2: March 2011
IMAGE 3: August 2011
IMAGE 4: October 2011

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Images Compiled by DimokokorkusStella


  1. lol..............investigative journalism

  2. LOL every guy rerocks their suits, it's not like us girls that it'll be so obvious. He made a mistake, he should just shop for very basic ones and no matter how he rerocks them, it won't be so obvious LOL


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