Friday 4 November 2011

PICTURES From Naija Halloween + Everyday Is Halloween In Nigeria

Who says Nigerian's don't celebrate Halloween? I've compiled pictures, most of which are of Nigerians getting in the Halloween mood but, according to Panko of Myomonaija everyday is Halloween in Nigeria,
"... the bonfires that are associated with Halloween here in the western world originated in Africa from ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices made years ago to appease the gods. I can easily recall as a youth witnessing several festivals where slaughtered cattle were thrown into flames as a means of repentant or celebration. Africans have sacrificed animals in many instances for centuries to insure that their crops would prosper or for the rain to come. The idea was that some type of spirit would speak through the head of the village and be able to forecast the future. Now of course after the crops blossomed and the rains came, people danced and partied the night away full of joy. 
As for the costumes; I can’t think of one ritual back home where people did not dress in elaborate attire. Different forms of masks, colors and original pieces mark the occasion and excitement in the crowds. Many African societies see mask as mediators between the living world and the supernatural world of the dead, ancestors and other entities. The masks become the attribute of a dressed up dancer who gives life and word at the time of the ceremonies. Back home in Nigeria where am from (IDIMU Stand Up!) we would have these festivals that heads of the participants would in disguise as spirits and demons as they told stories, read fortunes and danced up and down the streets in the villages. We called it Odun Egun (Aygoon) in my Yoruba language. 
Trick or Treat; asking and begging for money from strangers back home in Nigeria is common practice. This is a constant you deal with from when you wake up; there is somebody at your front gate. On your commute to work; little kids are in the middle of the roads and your local police officers with their random “Check-Points” are all trying to make a dollar. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence and the way of life in Nigeria for so many not a means to rack up bags of candy and sweets."
Do you agree with Panko?
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  1. everyday is haloween in this country ooo. pwople shouting, celebrities dressing like idiots, pastors acting u name it


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