Thursday 24 March 2011

Playbuoy - What do you think???

So, i don't usually blog about music specifically, but i thought i'd make an exemption this time, and trust me it would be worth it.
It's awesome to see someone around you grow gradually over time, and such was the case here. I knew Playbuoy during his early days in music, but last night, everyone was fighting to have the first view of his new video, Isn't that amazing? Anyway, i was hoping to be the first to blog about it, but i'm obviously a day late.

Fast rising Hip hop Messiah; Michael Chima Kallys (Playbuoy) a.k.a Playbuoy Of Playtown originates from Imo state, Nigeria and was introduced to the mainstream in 2006 with a video to his very first single: "We've got the game" which featured 2shotz and was directed by Ace video/film maker DJ Tee. Back then in '06 he used to go by with stage name XTREEM. Playbouy's music/showbiz history can be traced far back to his elementary/primary school days, but went professional in Dec 2002 after joining a group of lyricist based in Ipaja, Lagos State (Legion of Lyricist), and later went solo in 2005. He took his chance and released a "We've got the game" in April 2006. The Playbuoy who prefers to be regarded as a "Show business man" rather than an artist or otherwise, is back to the scene again after four years of Re-branding phase.

Well this is just a little of what Playbuoy has to offer, as his fans are expecting a new video in a couple of months, so if you love him as much as i do and want update about new stuff from him, then join his Facebook and Twitter page for first hand information. By the way, check out more of his awesome works like Ur Luv - Playbuoy feat Terry G

Don't forget to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below,
Have a nice weekend guys


  1. Kk, i get...nice 1
    dnt mind my silly tot.

  2. If u dont know, now u know..........he's playbuoy this and playbuoy that....... its all about the records, cos dtz were it begins. luvin it

  3. blessings....
    Seen him but haven't really paid much attention to his music. Song a'ight.

  4. He just got himself another fan...thanks to U Chizy :)

  5. nice naija artists are doing well for themselves.

  6. Oooh. Nice. I like. And his bod is very easy to look at lol! I like the cover too. Good luck to him


  7. Had to come through to say Thanks for the LOVE!!

  8. loved playbuoy n his tunes 4rm day 1,ive seen him grow stronger in not only music but as a person believing in himself and where he wants to go. Ive got a lot of respect for him and wish him all the best for the future.....X

  9. Very interesting. I love Nigerian music, can't wait to hear more of Playbuoy!

  10. He is very good and good of you to promote him as well.

    well done

    p.s thanks for your comment, you are far too kind :)


  11. Thanks a lot guys for letting me know what you think, big big kisses to you all


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