Monday 28 March 2011

In the news this week (week 6) ... Fire during city people award, Kc Presh collaborates with 50 Cent, Genevieve on CNN ....

The Balmoral hall goes ablaze during City People award ceremony yesterday Pictures from 411 Entertainment


The event which accomodated celebrities and goverment officials who gathered for an award organised by City People was brought to an abrupt end at approximately 5pm yesterday when fire broke out at the the Balmoral centre. According to Murphy fadairo's report, "some said it was politically motivated because it started immediately an award was presented to some Lagos state political officials and as soon as the hall was filled with the shout 'ACN Democracy forever', the fire started". At this time there is yet to be any casualty reported it seems

Onyeka Gilbert wins Nigerian idol - 26 years old Yenka Onka as she is sometimes reffered to has emerged as the first ever Nigerian Idol winner, she went home with N7.5 million, a car and a record deal amongst other. Naomi Mac, the runner up went home with N1.5million, a blackberry phone, an Ipad, an Ipod amonst other gifts

Genevieve talks to Pedro Pinto of CNN "What i don't like about Nigeria..."

22years old Chidimma Mbalaso of Koko mansion was reported dead on Friday, she was involved in a car crash in Kaduna, and was said to have gone into a coma and in need of blood before her death.

 According to E-punch, we can expect collaboration between Kc Presh and American rapper 50 Cent, as all arrangements have been concluded.

Stella Damascus prepares to present her own reality TV show "Stella Damascus Art Foundation" where 'aspiring singers actors and creative artists between the age of 16 and 30, from all works of life will be adequately trained, before presenting them to the world as experts in their fields".


  1. It's really sad about Miss Mbalaso,may her soul rest in peace.On a lighter note,Stella Damascus has taken a very good step and this should stem lots of other foundations from celebs.Meanwhile,the KC Presh duo are really hardworking as far as i can tell,i can't wait for the collabo.

  2. waooo...good for Stella.
    May Chidinma's soul rest in peace.

  3. ehen thanks for clarifying this girls name cos i was like what part of 9ja bears Yenka/ its Onyeka, thank you o. as for e-punch ppl im very skeptical o cos just as faze has been doing collabo with akon since like 2007 that hasnt materialized yet in 2011 dats how i dnt trust this kc presh boys o. but the players in our music industry are doing it big these days so ill give them the benefit of doubt abi

  4. what a shame! The balmoral hall destroyed by fire. and Chidinma of koko mansion, may her soul RIP.God pls comfort her family.KC presh and 50cents? well, we'll wait. Good one Stella. ChizyK, keep refreshing us on the week's

  5. May Chidinma's soul rest in peace..i see D`banj has opened the gate to US-9JA collabos,anyway i hope it turns out for the fire?? No comments..i just know 9ja is getting scarier by the day..

  6. knew nothing about the tenants of koko mansio. may her soul rest in peace. nice blog. u into entertainment? based in Lagos?

  7. gosh, i jst keep hearing bout deaths's scary! may her soul rest in perfect peace!..and so they set the city people place on fire..smh. i'm just tired of nigeria jor.
    and so it seems like every naija artiste is collaborating with an american artist.. goodluck to them sha! :)

  8. All this gist in one post? *juicy* lol

    I don't even know which one to comment but so sad about chidinma's death.
    And Nigerians ae quick to go into conspiracy theoris, so he burning building was wn to politics now ehn?
    KC presh and 50 comment.

  9. 50 and WHO???? Na lie joo! When no be say 50 money don finish! He can't do a collabo with these untalented midgets!

  10. Chidinma RIP.
    KC presh & 50 CENTS good for them
    Genevieve I love what she said about not dissing her own country. Good interview if you ask me.

  11. Tragic about the fire. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  12. What kind of democracy do we have in Nigeria? Our politicians are bad losers.

  13. Blesssings...
    I hope you are well and life is treating you kind and you are being kind to yourself.

    Sad news about Chidimma Mbalaso, life is so unpredictable, nothing is promised that why its essential that we live our life to the fullest because one never knows when their time will come.

    Take care....
    Stay blessed.

  14. KC Fresh collabo mm okay o
    Stella my childhood crush.
    RIP to that girl. never followed that show


  15. The death of someone so young is sad. Stella's project sounds interesting. Wish her success.

  16. I love what Stella is doing! I had always thought one of them should do something like that.....

    RIP Chidinma, I feel bad not to have been in Kaduna at the time cos I'm of the same blood group B- (one of the rarest in the world) with her. Its well. Pls drive safely ya'all!

  17. na wa o! all this good news and bad news for the same post. may chidinma's soul rest in peace. i hope kc presh's collabo with fiddy works out. although i think they're an odd combo but good luck to them.


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