Sunday 13 March 2011

In the news this week (week 4) ... wedding bells ringing, ghetto dreamz, Majela

Mercy Johnson is set to walk up the aisle with her partner, an 'Edo prince'.
It's been a long wait, and now almost 2years since the pre-wedding introduction in Kogi state was reported. We've waited and waited for the proper wedding and in July 2010, she conformed in an interview with now Net Newspaper that a date would be fixed soon. Well, according to bestofnollywood, the wedding has been set for summer 2011.
Best wishes Mercy

Funke Akindele's fans were worried earlier this week by the story of her being raped. According to GistExpress she has confirmed that it was just a robbery, and the work on the movie Return of Jenifer is complete.

After much anticipation, Jim Iyke in a recent interview has confirmed he is getting married to his Jamaican born girlfriend of 4 years, Kenturah Hamilton who is an  American based actress and model.          

The movie 'Ghetto Dreamz', which narrates the life of late rapper Dagrin is almost complete, and a clip of the movie trailer is now available, so enjoy.

The x-factor audition is on, guess who attended the audition? 
Yes our very own Queen of Vagina - Majela
I promised my self not to watch this year's xfactor, but there is no way i'm missing her audition, just no way. It's a shame i have to wait till September to watch it, i'm just so happy that she's climbing the career ladder. 

Anyway guys, It's way past my bed time now, so i'm officially off to bed


  1. best of luck to mercy
    jim iyke is jst so annoying, thought he's supposed to be doin his own version of "flavor of love" sumwhere in dallas? oshi!
    with majela, its a mixture of repulsion and curiosity.. she's gonna make the judges laugh so much
    goodnite hun..xx

  2. awesome babes :-) congrats on the awards x

  3. lmao @ majela, I can't wait to see her audition too, i'd watch this show just to see it

  4. nice post!
    big ups

  5. She can't sing. The wig, LMAO! The racists will laugh at us o! This is a big disgrace. I hope she is not a Nigerian.

  6. Good luck to Mercy and Jim Iyke, as for Majela, she's like a train wreck, you can't just look away.

  7. OMG! LWKMD! She is truly the queen of vagina. What a voice and song

  8. LOL at majela. So not interested in Jim Iyke- Never been. Errr...some people may hate me for saying this, but why is Da Grin suddenly so famous after drunk driving to his death? The way people take it, you'd think someone assassinated him.


  9. Queen of Vagina? You not serious…have mercy, what is the world coming to. At first I thought perhaps you misspell the word that is until I scroll down and click play. Oh garddddd…wat ah dat! Now if that is not ghetto I don't know what is. It takes all kinds I guess.

    Interesting entry…
    Have a blessed day….

  10. i thot x factor was a family show ... no way should they let the lady on there ...

  11. Nice gist.

    @the cornershop: I totally agree with you on the Dagrin thing.
    Is it just me, but I think this "Jenifa" thing is becoming "un-funny"

  12. her songs are on itunes. its crazy what we celebrate and support these days.

    i dont have problem with the Dagrin movie as long as it makes sense and not some low budget wack.

  13. Congratulation to mercy.

    Jenifa 2?..hope it would be better than omo-ghetto..i didn't laugh!

    i also wonder oo..@corner shop..why the sudden 'hype'?.

    majela??????...i rest my case!!!!

  14. This majela of a lady is just disgracing herself. Wait, is she a Nigerian?

    - LDP

  15. juicy gossip.... Goodluck

  16. correct gist...Majela on xfactor,lolz,no doubt she is talented but cmon xfactor?i knw an industry that will help utilise her talent...nice blog and good job.


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