Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tomboy Trends


Tired of all your long flowing gowns or body hugging short skirts?  It’s time for you to try one of my favorite trends, the ‘tomboy’ trend. Some people think dressing like a tomboy takes away all the sexiness from a woman, here are some ways to dress like a tomboy and still look sizzling hot!
Jackets: wearing jackets help bring out a more boyish feel to a woman. Opt for the boyfriend jacket design to make it look more fashionable. Another thing you can do with jackets to look tomboyish is to push the sleeves up. It gives the style a more edgy feel.

T- shirts: A t-shirt that is properly fitted or slightly larger than your actual frame. Combining this with a nice pair of jeans and sport foot wears can do the trick.
Face caps: This would always give a boyish feel any day anytime.

Waistcoats: more women have embraced the waist coat as a fashion item now. It can double as a semi formal wear in the office by pairing it with your office shirts and flat shoes or a party wear by simply swapping the office shirt for either a tank top or a t-shirt. You can also add your pumps to give it a sexier feel.
Of recent, designers have been making ‘feminine men shoes’. They are actually meant for women. This can be worn to the office or even for a more casual outing when paired the right way.

Hair style:  styles like Mohawk have been incorporated by female stylists now. You can try them on for that edgy tomboy look you want.
Shorts: shorts can be very sexy when worn by women. Lengths ranging from knee-lengths to crop shorts have an undeniable sexiness to them. Now that the weather has been so hot, shorts are a great way to go.

The list is endless when talking about the tomboy trend. Just think of what you can wear in a guy’s wardrobe that won’t make you look like you have lost it. Pairing it with feminine accessories like heels and bags can give it a different feel entirely. But remember that the aim is to look like a tomboy, so don’t overdo the accessories. Do you know how to rock this look? if you do then, share some of your tips with us.


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