Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tips On How To Spend The Weekend With Your Spouse

The weekend is here again and after such a long hectic week, some spouses are either clueless as to what to do with each other or too preoccupied with other things to have time for each other. This shouldn't be the case. Remember  when the love was still young and you couldn't get enough of each other and the time you spent with each other. Good, you do. Well I have some exciting yet simple things you can to do bring back that flame and make the weekend enjoyable together.

Agree to spend time together. There is no point in trying to get someone’s attention who doesn't want to give it. It can be really hurtful. So sit each other down and agree that the weekend is for the two of you to spend together.

Communicate. I din't say shout and complain about what the other did or din't do, talk to yourselves. Discuss about your week, month, year. All that has been happening to you. Your spouse should be your best friend not a stranger. You should be able to talk to him/her about every aspect of your life.

Set the mood. Relax together, take yourselves out. It could be a romantic dinner or a fun time out in any recreation center, a leisure stroll or even a movie at home. Don't forget to either switch off you phone or put it on silence. You don't want anything else battling for your attention.

Flirt with each other. Yes you already have each other, that doesn't mean you should just boom! get to the business. Tease and flirt to help increase the desire for each other. You can try wearing provocative stuffs the other would like,sensual dancing e.t.c. People tend to appreciate what they have to pursue/work for more. Increase the sexual tension.

Do whatever you enjoy doing together. That is very key, you can also use this time to plan ahead; the future, what needs to be changed e.t.c.

Get down! This is also very important in marriages. Aside the divine satisfaction you get from it, it has this invincible bond that brings the two of you closer. You can try something different from what you normally do like massages, foreplay, oral sex...

Cuddle. After doing the deeds as many times as you want, hold each other and just bask in the feeling of having each other.

Doing all these and more with your partners as often as possible would definitely keep your love forever young. Do you have any romantic tip that works for you and yours, kindly share it with us...

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  1. Go out! Take him/her to the movies.

    Go shopping and Spend More of the Weekend together....

    ChizyK is a Darling! Nice tips hun


  2. Nice tips dearie!


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