Friday, 8 March 2013

Styling Tips For The Weekend


Yaaaaay!!! TGIF! now you can do without the uptight dressing of ties, suit trousers and skirts and throw on your denim, snickers, tank tops or whatever you feel good in. Here are some stylish ways to combine your pieces:

Slightly over sized blazers, tank tops and colored pants or a simple jumpsuit . You can either wear it with platforms or flat shoes.

Here are your pieces:


Check out more pieces

Shorts of various lengths, the shorter the length the more loose your top should be to avoid looking out of place well except you are going to the beach or so. Your pieces

Denim can be worn in different ways; as shirts, on gowns, tied up, denim gowns etc. Your pieces


Skirts are a wonderful way to go for that cute chick look. Your pieces:

All the items can be easily swapped which ever way you want. Don't forget to pair them up with nice foot wears and accessories.

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