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Proof That You Are A Workaholic & How To Stop The Habit

The word 'workaholic' generally describes someone who is addicted to working, a person that has an obsessive compulsion to work. Now, you may say most people then are workaholics, but there is a difference between being a workaholic and being hard working. A workaholic despite using up excessive time and energy and forsaking friends and loved ones, they are usually ineffective. Here are some ways to know if you are a workaholic:

Does your job come before every other thing? You are almost never satisfied and want to do much more? Remember that workaholism is foremost an addiction and not fun. Initially it might seem like fun but with time you keep wanting more and more of it.

Is your job fun? The reason why you do so much overtime is it because you love it or because you just have the urge to do more no matter how late it gets. There is nothing wrong with loving what you do especially if its something you started yourself. But when it becomes a thing you must do, forsaking all that should probably come before it or doing more than necessary on a task, then its time to check yourself.

Do you feel bad when you are not working? A lot of workaholics are always restless and feel irrelevant when they are not working. They attach a lot of self worth to the fact that they do more than others(in their mind). The feeling of uncertainty comes up when the weekend is near or a break is given. They seldom take time out to enjoy the result of their long hours.

You can't take a praise/commendation well. You feel there is a 'but' or sarcasm behind it.

Has your health deteriorated because of your so-called dedication to work? Well if you continue this way, you might not be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor you know(a conc. workaholic would not be concerned about this. Yet another pointer!)

So how can a workaholic learn to back off, relax and feel good about doing it?

You need to accept the fact that you are an addict. Just like every other addiction, until you accept the truth you won't be willing to change. Now that you have, here are some things to do:

Set clear boundaries. Make sure your working hours are consistent and reasonable. If its 8am to 6pm, stick to it.
Try to unplug your self from work once you are done. This includes checking your mails non-stop or taking paper work home e.t.c.
Give your self time to rest. The longer your body goes without rest, the lesser your creative output.
Spend time in nature, with family and friends. Give yourself time to appreciate other things and let people appreciate you for who you are, not just what you do. This way, your self worth won't be tied down to what you feel you can do.
Eat real food and listen to your body. Feeding on doughnuts or not eating at all can be very disastrous. Eat right and listen to your body. If it says chill, you chill.
Find a hobby. This way, you can channel some of your energy to it. Preferably something not related to your work.
Work on your inner self. Whichever way you deem fit, spiritually, physically. This would help you know that there is more to life beyond the walls of your office.

Your friends and family miss you, curb that addiction now.

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  1. If you love what you do, then its not work.


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