Friday, 1 March 2013

Dabota Lawson Comestic Surgery Revealed

Rumour has it that ex-miss Nigeria UK, Dabota Lawson undergone a series of cosmetic surgery to enhance certain features of her body. The gist erupted after Dabota's 2months filming trip with Desmond Elliot.

Also the beauty queen through twitter said she didn't see anything wrong with enhancing the body through cosmetic surgery.

Some argued that she had some minor skin lightening and laser treatment, while others say boobs  and liposuction which are well worth over $30,000. The picture below was before the gist started. Do you agree with the people's assertion?

Culled from citypeople

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  1. take it or leave it,to me she appears beautiful, in fact,she is an African beauty before going to buy that rubbish artificial beauty oyinbos called plastic surgery or body enhancement. she must ve had a very low esteem to ve done this

  2. Quite a drastic change!!! She looked so pretty before the surgery. What is wrong with her? Now she looks like...I don't know what

  3. Na real yeye dey worry am. C black beauty b4 don turn 2 wetin I no undastand. She must hav sufferered from low self esteem as d 1st writer said

  4. she was black and shiny correct looking girl, now she just look like a lagos girl

  5. Still pretty. Cream usage; you can see from her knuckles. She's still flat chested; must wear good bras if they look big. Still needs to fix her teeth.


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