Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bez, The Superb Alternative-Soul Singer

The Nigerian song sensation writer Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula popularly known as Bez has the hearts of many loving soul, jazz and R&B music more and more. He had an interview some days ago with FAB radio where he gave us a little more about his background and hopes.

He stated that when he first started music, it was his way of giving people a platform to express themselves and since those early days he has gone far and wide. He said he is really grateful to God. He stated that "its a lot of hard work, you would need a lot of favors and people just trying to push you to the next level. It has definitely been a learning curve for me. Its a work in progress, we have done a lot of gigs in different locations around the world and still counting".

He mentioned that the one experience that helped him build himself was the death of his father. " I lost my dad in J.S.S2 and that really crushed us... but people came through for us. Now, that situation made me really strong. It made me realize that i can push on and work towards what i really want to do and be. Its an experience that people expected to bring me down but instead it strengthened me"

His song, 'The stupid song' placed him at number three on the Boston Globe's chat for the world's top ten music album. He has been nominated for several awards but he said that the one he would really like to win is the 'best album' award. "you know, that would be really great" he added.

Talking about his style, the geek glasses, an acoustic guitar which is gradually being replaced by an electric one and the hat are now known to be his identity. He said " my style is African and urban. Its young, fresh and classic".

He claimed that the major highlight of his international performances would be that of Jo'burg in South Africa "We were booked to perform second for a gig on Sunday and we flew in that same Sunday  It was serious rush rush. We played and some minutes after we got booked for four more gigs in Jo'burg. So we ended up staying for about a week". He added that" the world is checking out his music, the world is loving it and wanting more of what i'm doing".

We are definitely loving your work Bez..... kudos!

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  1. All the while, I had never for once took notice of Bez's works. Not until the later part of 2012 when I stumbled on one of his performances on youtube. I play the guitar. But I saw the video and was intimidated! Believe me, till tomorrow wherever I find myself, Bez would continue to be one of my most talented artists!


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