Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Finally Have A Baby???

The very busy actor Ryan Reynolds -who is currently shooting film thriller Queen of the Night in his home country of Canada- was spotted at a hospital with his wife Blake Lively gently and happily carrying a baby.

Although, there have been rumours that Blake is pregnant, it doesn't seem to prove anything- considering that recent her photos show her with a very flat tommy nullifying the 7-month-old rumour.

But with these photos out, assumptions followed that the item might have had a baby from a surrogate, but it's all speculations, no one knows for certain. Guess time will tell.

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  1. ur doin a gud job bt plssssss double check ur info b4 u publish, stop assuming! Blake n Ryan were visting a hospital in canada as part of Deir charity work.

  2. Abi o.pls double check b4 publishing and stop assuming.


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