Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fast Rising Singer Damino Damoche Killed In Front Of LASU

Fast Rising Singer Damino Damoche Killed In Front Of LASU. Initial reports suggested a car ran over him but now others claim he was shot. Looking at the pool of blood it looks more like he was stabbed to death. Remember this month alone has taken three of our entertainers, and incase you didn't hear, Samklef was involved in a car crash though it seems like it was not fatal - thank God.

I deliberately didn't include the gory photos, but i'm sure in an hour the photos will be allover twitter.

Guys!!! Let's pray for our stars.

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  1. are yo educated at all? wat dyu mean by 'not so fatal' an accident is either fatal or not btw fatal means sm1 died jeez

    1. Iphie or whatever you call yourself,your ranting Stinks!!

      Chizzy, you should not have posted her comment bcos it makes nil sense.

    2. Insult me all you want, all I know is she correct her stupidity after this comment, so shut your pie hole of a mouth and make sure it's connected to your brain next time before you speak in public. And for the rest of you jobless voltrons same applies to you!!

    3. Ms grammarian, did u mean to say 'she corrected'? Come on don't attribute it to typing error. Duh!

  2. Stfu dumb bitch! You cnt even write, its no wonder your thinking aint straight! Idiot!

  3. Iphie,you must not insult to correct, nobody is above mistake,you see for yourself by your typing

  4. iphie or watever u 're a conceited fool

  5. Iphie! Haba nobody is above mostake! Or are u ms Perfect?...

  6. Hey guys, leave d shallow-minded iphie alone n mourn d dead fellow


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