Friday, 14 December 2012

Unbelieveable!!! Nollywood Comic Actor, Victor Osuagwu Weds In A Truck

WOW!!! This is the most shocking news i've heard in 2012. Wedding in a truck? Absolutely unbelievable. Nollywood comic actor Victor Osuagwu decided to spice up his wedding with an unprecedented comic twist. After being declared husband and wife at St. Paul Anglican Cathedral, located at Diobu Garrison Junction, Aba Road Port Harcourt, the couple walked down the aisle straight into the back of an open truck which drove them to the venue of the reception. In as much as the truck was beautifully decorated in wine and gold colour, a truck would always remain a truck. How would you like to spice up your wedding? In a Jacuzzi, a mountain top or on a palm tree? Pls share your thoughts.
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