Thursday 18 April 2013

Hilarious Video Of Bovi The Comedian Dissing Kim K And Cossy Ojiakor.

Seems like Nigerians would never forgive Dare Art Alade for what Kim Kardashian did or didn't do in the 'Love like a movie' show. Bovi ranted about how Dare wasted a whooping 75 million Naira to bring Kim K to Nigeria when he could have paid Cossy Ojiakor just 22,000 Naira since they do the same thing- expose their bodies. He also joked that we should not blame Kim K, what else were we expecting when she just spent 72 days in her marriage.

I am sure Cossy would have happily taken the job, she has never denied the fact that she takes pleasure in making men gasp, definitely not for N22,000 because that woman can get the men fighting for tickets to attend a church service let alone a show by Dare.

Anyway, watch the video below and see how he finished all three celebrities on the stage. Bovi ehnnn (LOL)

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