Friday, 5 April 2013

Classy Or Trashy? Completely Naked Model In Vogue Magazine's Latest Edition.

Where do people in the fashion world draw the line between art and porn? Is there still a line?

We have female models walking the run way with their boobs on display, ass cheeks in our faces all in the name of fashion.

Well, Vogue magazine has tipped the scale completely by featuring a completely naked man in their latest men's edition. Jarrod Scott was the incredible brave or stupid model on display. The cover of the magazine had him partially exposed with his biceps and 'pubic hair' on display. The gucci pieces that he was advertising seems irrelevant in the picture i must say.

Like that wasn't x-rated enough, they had him completely naked with all of his genital out. Yes, all of it!

Pray tell me, what's the essence of that shot? There was no shoe, suit or bag on display. Just a very naked man! I mean, if people want porn, they know what magazines to buy don't they?

If you can risk it, see the picture after the jump break. For 18+ alone

What do you think about this, are designers losing their focus? And are guys not meant to trim down there too?

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  1. Replies
    1. Gay thinz....... Don't be suprised if this edition sells like hot cakes.Lmao.@bolasol

  2. walahi.. This man do fall him hand... Upon him big body, see as him dick small pass ma smallest finger... Big fuck up lad... Tsk tsk tsk

  3. Haha.I laugh tire

  4. Sex (even nudity) sells and they know it.

  5. smal penis


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