Friday 5 April 2013

Charly Boy Sleeping In His Casket

The Area Father, 'Charly Boy' seems to be having a lovely time in his casket.

Can you buy your own casket while you're still alive? Have you ever slept in a casket before? Would you like to have such an experience?

 I read that an Asian girl conducted her own funeral, and she is still alive. Her family and friends were all present to mourn. Stuffs like this creep me out.Though it's something that is bound to happen some day, it still sends a scary message.

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  1. Heenheen na wa o. Wonders shall never end.

  2. this man is going crazy believe me. sleeping in a casket * surprise . any way, end time things

  3. Yea is somtin dat is bound to happen but menh!.... dis guy is crazy


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