Friday 15 March 2013

Your Weekend's Style Tips: Men's Casual.

Once again, the glorious weekend is here. The week looked like it was running at first then eventually slowed to a snail pace LOL. But hey, it's about that time. Today i have guys in mind because i have a strong feeling a lot of you would be doing a lot of outing this weekend.

Enough with the chit chat, i bring to you, styling tips for a casual outing!Your basic pieces like your t-shirts and denim still stands but here we have ways to step it up a notch. Enjoy.

With jackets, you can never go wrong. Whether its for that date with your lady or just an outing with friends, jackets would always do the trick. Its casual, so you can opt for colors of any kind. Your pieces:

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Bring your sexy back in long-sleeved body tops. This piece would definitely turn neck your ways, but its best to stay away from this if you have a big tummy. You can pair it with denim/ office pants/ chinos e.t.c.

Next on our list- Shorts or for those that are not bold enough for that, 3/4 trousers. Its not everyday you step out that you see a guy wearing them. So man up and wear shorts. You can keep them slightly below the knee in length.

Your pieces.

Scarfs and turtle necks. Its not common to see guys with scarfs but really, you can actually use this as an accessory with out looking off.
Your pieces.
You are now ready to hit the streets. Have a lovely weekend.

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