Friday 15 March 2013

Lynxxx Responds To Prosecution Threats.

It has been said that the candy eye man/ Syndik8 member Lynxxx was involved in a club fight that started when a Richard also known as pope slapped his cousin.

Security men tried to break the fight that involved Lynxxx and his record label members but they refused to  make peace. Despite all pleas by the club manager and other celebrities like Banky W, Lynxxx and his boys rushed back into the club where he was said to have smashed a bottle and stabbed Richard with it, also cutting himself by mistake.

'Richard was said to have hired a lawyer to prosecute Lynxxx but Lynxxx seems to be unmoved by this has he bragged that nothing would happen and even said he would do it over a again if allowed to.

Well Lynxxx, better be careful what you wish for.

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  1. luv you don't have too. #inkimkardashianvoice#


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