Monday 18 March 2013

WATCH: Lady Faces Public Humiliation For Dressing Indecently

Pretty Lady Molested Video : Pretty Lady molested by mob For indecent dressing 

Dressing indecently could be overlooked in some societies, but eyed as an abomination in others, especially in a northern state. So, ladies my tip is this, before you wear anything to any place, first check out the kind of dress sense that obtains there; if not you could have such incident as a part of your history.

Watch video:


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  1. Na wah Ooº°˚ this is so bad. I pity for her so much.

  2. Which state ΐś this one? Haba so unfair

  3. Nigerian Stupid Mentality. If I was there, I'll slap anyone that Abuse her. Guys wey dey sag ni? Everybody can dress anyhow. it concerns her. I don't just know why they Decide to Intervene into another person's Matter. Dress how you like. If you don't like my dress, Close your eyes. Nonsense!!


  4. This act is so disheartening. Its. So Bad
    ...............LA CREAMY,,,,.........


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