Monday 18 March 2013

How To Dress Your Body Type: Full Figure Body


Most plus sized women and people in general believe that its impossible for them to dress stylishly and still look decent. It can be frustrating when you try so hard to look good but end up looking 30 years older than your actual age. Here are some ideas you can try to help embrace your curves in the best way possible.

Wear well fitting under garments. It's been said that the kind of underwear a woman wears affects how she feels. Wearing underwear that would hold your assets well is essential. Not toot tight and not looses. You need to keep them firm stationed. You can try low-legged high waist under garments, body magic... to smooth out your hips and legs.

Go for outfits that help highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Color coordination, bulk and texture of materials, cuttings and patterns e.t.c are things to bear in mind. Dark colors hide and bright colors highlight, big patterns would make you look bigger and smaller ones would make you look smaller, vertical patterns would make you look taller and slimmer while vertical patterns do the opposite. Outfits with ruffles or bows add to your overall look. You can combine your pieces in such a way that you emphasize your good points and hide your flaws.

Dress smart in well tailored outfits. Don't go for oversize clothes in an attempt to hide your body, it might back fire and make you look way bigger. Get your perfect size with cuts and holds in the right places. Make sure every part of you is well kept such as your hair, nails, accessories, scents e.t.c. They are very important. Make use of belts and clothes with bands around the waist, this would hold you in and give you the 'figure 8'.

And most of all, have an healthy sense of confidence and self worth. This in itself is a beautiful adornment. Some places where you can purchase really nice outfits includes Forever 21, Every woman, Jumia online, JPKingdom e.t.c.



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