Wednesday 27 March 2013

Waje: "I have Been Beaten, Maltreated And Violated."

Stunning Nigerian singer Aituaje Iruobe popularly called Waje has given us an insight into her life. She speaks about her life as a single mother, her Ideal man, Career, her relationship with her baby's father among other things. Please read it below.

Tell us about your recent project with MI, Omawumi and Eldee?
"We worked on a project with German-based NGO that has a branch in Nigeria. The organisation is fighting against violence on women and children, so we did a compilation for them. We came out with four songs, and the thing about this songs is that we were singing about real stuffs. Like the song I did "New Morning" I approached it from the angle of a woman who has been there- beaten, maltreated, violated. I wanted women who feel that pain to connect with it. MI talked about a "Real Man", Eldee talked about "Treating Her Like A Lady"- Loving her like your mother and sister. Omawumi did the song "Enough Is Enough"- like how many times will a woman suffer, so enough is a enough."
What kind of man would you want? 
"I want a man who fears God. A man who is confident and comfortable and would not be intimidated by things that come with what I do. I know what it is to be talking with a friend and somebody you don't know from Adam would come to excuse you and say " I want to take a picture with you" It keeps going on and on. So it's somebody who understands that can take this. Then that person must be handsome. As a single mother the natural question people must ask is about the relationship that produced the child and what happened? some things are better left unsaid. It did not work out that is it. It has nothing to do with music or me doing music, it just didn't work out."
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