Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Things To Do On A Slow Work Day

There are days when you catch yourself staring at the wall or just being idle because you are having a supposed slow day. Certain industries have a down-time period when there is little or nothing to really do. What do you do then? do you just fold your arms and take a nap then leave when its closing hours or you spend it in idle chit chat with your colleagues. In this sequel, we are sharing productive ways to make the most of your free time. Remember, you don't get this opportunity always so let's use it well.

You can start by getting organised and catching up on old mails and paper work. All the piles of paper work that needs inputting or long mails that you kept pushing aside as 'not top priority' can be attended to now. By the end of your 'clean up' you should feel good about your space.

Make plans. Taking time out to plan your days at work and not just 'go with the flow' or 'do-it-as -it-comes' can definitely make you stand out. Come up with ideas on how to improve your work or the work place in general, creating a to-do-list and all would help put things in perspective.

Learn new things. If there is a new software that helps make your type of work better, you can use your free time to learn it. This would definitely tell on your work when things pick up. Read things that are related to your work, what your competitors have been up to e.t.c. No knowledge is ever wasted.

Volunteer to help a colleague or another department that might not be as free as you. This way, when you need assistance with something, they can return the favor.

Have productive discussions with your team members. This way, you can come up with general ideas for the office and also form a closeness/ bond within the team.

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