Thursday 7 March 2013

Some Things To Do At The Start Of Each Work Day

Here in Nigeria, for most working class people waking up early to beat the daily traffic is a must except you are one of the lucky types that work on shifts or something like that. The craziness of Lagos can easily get you disoriented by the time you get to work. So, here we are a list of things successful people do at the start of each work day to get them set for productivity.

Arrive on time. "Well duh!" you may say, but some people still come late and this not only gives you a bad reputation at work but throws you off balance because you have a lot of catching up to do and what not. It also helps you get your mind and body ready and relaxed so you can think right.

Take a deep breath. Really, it works. It helps your entire body let go of all what you left behind or faced on the way to work and helps you focus on the now, which is work. Don't let the confusion of others make you dive into work with a panic.

Start each day on a clean slate. This means seeing each task from a new perspective even if its something that spilled over to the next day or one that failed. You would be amazed by the new ideas that can come up this way.

Set your mood right. If you come to work feeling grumpy or sad or with any other negative emotional baggage, this would definitely affect the way you view your work load and would eventually tell on your output. It might also affect your co-workers, your morning grumpiness can affect the entire team and set everyone on the wrong footing. Be present especially if you are a leader. You don't want to end up taking it out on you subjects.

Organize your day. The need for this is to know what is important and what needs to be done when. Misplaced priority no matter how hard you work sometimes can affect your end results. Organizing yourself also helps you put tasks that are very important in your peak moments. For instance, if you feel like you work best around 11:00am then you can plan your toughest task for that time so you can tackle it head on. Check in with colleagues to know if there is any development you are not aware of.

Keep your work space tidy and in a way that you finding things wont be difficult for you. This would keep confusion from setting in because you would know what is what.

Answer mails and place calls that have been pending or that the result of it would be something you would need later in the day. This way, you wont be held back later in the day.

Believe in yourself! If you don;t, who will?

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