Tuesday 26 March 2013

Some Weird Beauty Treatments People Do.

Earthworm photo 

In our attempt to stay young forever, a lot of people have come up with different ways to stay young. From simple moisturizing to botox to vampire facials. Here are some really weird beauty treatments people have tried and something you can try if you are that desperate.

The Bird Poop Facial
This makes use of bird poop as its main ingredient. And celebs are ‘flocking’ to spas to get the odd treatment. Also referred to as the Geisha Facial because of its Japanese origins, several high-end spas are charging hundreds of dollars a pop to slather on this ‘unique’ ingredient, which is said to leave skin shiny and smooth. Both Victoria and David Beckham reportedly indulge in the facials that use a mixture of Nightingale excrement, rice bran, and water... YUK!

Fish Pedicures
 You dip your feet into a vat of fish and “relax” as they dine to their heart’s content nibbling off all of the dead skin.

Ground Pig Placenta.
Plancenta is what grows in the body of a pregnant being, connecting the fetus to the mother. This placenta is ground and drank by people. Like menstral blood, it contains nutrients. Everything an egg would need to grow in the mother.

Earthworm poop wrinke cream.
Recently featured on the TV show The Doctors, the product is said to reverse the aging process and even cure skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Bull sperm conditioner.
Organic Bull Semen Treatment combines the semen of Aberdeen Angus bulls with Katera root to create a protein-rich hair mask that drenches follicles in gobs of moisture. The result: shiny, full-bodied locks that have its devotees heralding it as "Viagra for hair"

Gargling Portuguese urine.
To improve the color of your teeth and odor of your mouth, try out some Portuguese urine(LOL). While obviously unpleasant, urine contains several compounds like ammonia and urea that actually kill germs and help fight the gum disease gingivitis. This should not be difficult, if you have  Portuguese friend, you can have this for free.

But really people. What's the price and length on has to go for perfection. There is a reason why the body expels urine. Why would you want to put it in your mouth, or put bull sperm on your hair. Oh well, like it's said, "beauty is pain"

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  1. Gussssshhh all this sound stink to me. *olu diamond*


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