Wednesday 27 March 2013

Kim K Says "Nigerian Women Are Apes..."

Apparently there has been a rumor that went viral last night concerning Kim K's visit to Nigeria for Darey's concert . It was said that she posted "Nigerian women are "APES" for crying out loud she was looking like a dwarf among the Fabulous hot and sexy Nigerian entertainers that she came in contact with the day she came. Africans are strong and beautiful, we're no longer in the slave era or colonial period where the so called Europeans could just say anything they like about us.

In fact they envy us, they do series of surgeries just to get our kind of butt and boobs. They tan their skin for a darker look and much more. On the other hand, it's just God's natural blessing to us.

From some other opinions, people think the account that brought about the buzz wasn't her real account. It was basically the good work of photo shop. Please guys think deeply before you get yourselves carried away with fake and unrealistic gist. I feel someone is just trying to play pranks on Nigerians. We're not Apes, we are beautifully and wonderfully created. It's only a mentally derailed and blind person that would call people like us Apes.

Well, read her post below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Let that idiot know that none of those women had any cosmetic sugeries like her. Kim K's head to toe is all plastic and silicon made! i Guess its just a beef, she was shocked the way they looked really hot, even hotter than her, cos most of them think Africa is in total mess cos of the brainwashed documentries they feed them with, let her get a life, she is a WHORE

  2. Imagine the insult that fool Dare has brought to we Nigerians. What really baffled me the most was when Dare and his clueless organisers announced that they were bringing Kim to Nigeria, nobody challenged them.Instead on the day of the valentine show, the brainless bufoons that called themselves celebrities all came to see a shameless porn star. To add injury to the one already inflicted, the wife of Donald Duke former governor of Cross River state, was there and was even struggling to take a picture with Kim!Sadly, Dare and his crew has brought insult to Nigerians!Most especially Nigerian women whom Kim had the effrontery to call apes! Its aparent that the only thing we know how to do best is degrading ourselves. Very disheartening I must say.

  3. i am disappointed in u chizzy for this very authoritative headling as if Kim rilly said so.... Anyways, d truth wil cum out eventually

  4. Chyzy this is not jist joor.
    I said it when that lady came to sure darey didn't giv her quarter of what was said that she was given.that's just hype...

    #next abeg


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