Monday 4 March 2013

OMG!!! Check Out A Nude Photo Of Rihanna's Wanna Be (+18)

I was shocked when I saw the below picture. It seems that the Sisi in the picture can't just get enough of Badririgirl and had to copy her. But seriously speaking what do you think would make someone go this far just to copy a celeb? Because for crying out loud I'm so sure that Rihanna was paid by YQ magazine for this cover and I don't see why a nobody should copy her.

View the photo below (Viewer's discretion is advised).

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  1. She's not sexy @ all. mtchewww.

  2. If you want to put an image or whatever with viewers discretion, sweetheart put it after the cut. This way people choose to click and look. Don't just paste it there and say viewers discretion when we still have to scroll pass it to get to other topics.

  3. She is an Idiot! A whore I Assume! Cos No reasonable human will act this way!!

  4. ashewo million million

  5. D gal didn't even do d style well cos she doesn't hav d shape....nd she's nt fyn.Lilybabe


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