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"My Oga At The Top"; Facts Time

"My oga at the top"
By now, this phrase is no longer new to us, but just in case it is, or you just need a good laugh check out the clip. We have laughed severally about it, used it in so many different contexts, made money from it by printing shirts and songs which is pretty creative of the people involved i must say.

We have laughed our bit about this. But enough of laughing, let's now look critically at this issue.

That a leader in position of power does not know the website for the organisation he works for is no laughing matter. What does it say about his understanding of the nitty-gritty of the workings of his institute? What does this say about his personal development and commitment as a leader within the organization?

A leader in our society recently asked if we should blame the president for not leading as we expect him to. He asked what we had expected when we had not prepared him to be a leader in the society. He also asked how the society today is preparing the next generation of future leaders in such a society today. The president  had no shoes, or so we are told; well, today many children do not have tables, chair5s textbooks, are being taught by untrained teachers e.t.c.

If majority of children in our society are taught with limited resources, it follows that the next generation of leaders- politicians and politician appointees- would probably come from that majority. Certain things can be drawn from that video clip and they include:

  • The fact that he did what most civil servants would have done, he is not paid to think but to just take and obey instructions from the 'oga at the top'
  • His promotion is not so dependent on his intelligence, but upon his connections and allegiance to the 'ogas at the top'
Competent hands are passed over for complacent hands. When one has been exposed to the system at which things work over there, how do you expect him to invest in self development and company interests such as 'the website'. Some of them don't bother with such things as long as they appease the 'oga at the top'.
Our educational system does not reward people for thinking outside the box. It expects you to follow orders, laid down procedures or the status quo.

Fact still remains that we witness people providing mediocre results and choose to manage their crap!We are  given horrible services and just take it in, partly because some of us are guilty of that ourselves. But that's another issue entirely.

Let us take a stand and commit to building this country; it won't happen in a day, but one step at a time. Something as little as knowing your company's website can go a long way. Let's say no yo mediocrity, no to complacence and yes to competence. This change Nigeria so deserves starts from you and i. In our little corners, let us commit to excellence, excellence abounds. We have heard this over and over again, i think its time we actually adhere to it.

"Nigeria is so bad" some parents say hence they send their children abroad. Let them come back and use what they have learn't to make this nation a better place. Its time for us all to contribute our bit to our country and continents's development and not just remain there making their country better and better leaving ours to rot!

This is a charge to everyone, lets wake up and play our parts in this nation.

                                                                                                             Guest Contributor:
                                                                                                              Lara Randle.
So people, you have read what she has to say. Do you agree with her views? if not, leave us a comment we would love to hear from you. Enjoy the pieces below.

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  1. nicely said. thoug for me, if Goodluck wins next election, i dont think i will pray for this nation again. Will look for a means of sending my family out of this shit hole!

  2. True Talk...This country is so corrupt.May God help Us


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