Monday, 4 March 2013



1. Annie: Where were you last Night? Will: I tried to commit Suicide. It's extremely risky, I nearly died!

2. Girl: Baby I'm in your house, wearing your T Shirt with nothing underneath.. Boy: Okay, Please wash it before you leave.

3. Annie: I just heard Frank committed Suicide. Will: That guy is a Fool, I will rather kill myself than commit Suicide.

4. Annie: Why are your Eyes so Red? Bill: I just smoked Weed. Annie: Shut up & don't lie to me, you're an ARSENAL fan.

5. Bill did his final year exam so well that he took the answer scripts home to show his room mates

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  1. Number 1 and 2!!!! Lol... I yaf die ooooooooo!!! Lwkmd



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