Monday 4 March 2013

How To Be Pregnant & Glamorous; The Kim Kardashian Style

Scarlet woman: Kim allowed a pop of colour by wearing lashings of bright red lipstick on her famous pout and slicked her hair back into a tight bun 
Alot of people believe that when a woman is pregnant, it's impossible for her to look good in anything she wears. But of late, some women have stood their ground and have kept their dress sense 'pre-bulous'LOL. Some of which includes the 'keeping up with the kardashians' star Kim K. Kim K who is about five months in has embraced her baby bumb with sexy looking monocrome outfits as seen in the pictures here.

 There are several ways to remain glamorous during pregnancy. Some of which include: Purchasing maternity wears that are still stylish and don't compromise the rest of your assets. Note that its not only your tummy that's filling up, make use of this opportunity and flaunt your fuller assets. After the early stages, most pregnant women won't be able to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes. So lets do away with those after a while.

Pregnancy can be tiring at times, but dont let that stop you from taking care of yourself. Pay attention to other parts of your body like your lips, nails, hair e.t.c. This can help avert attention from some 'not so glam' features.

Eating healthy is also very important. Dont get carried away with your cravings, try to snack on fruits and vegetables. Also drink alot of water to cleanse your body everyday. This way you get to keep your body radiant as ever.

Pay your baby bumb the extra attention. Make use of moisturisers regularly and natural extracts like shea butter(ori) to help prevent stretch marks.

Make yourself feel sexy again by investing in flirty frills that would make you feel feminine.

Light exercises and sufficient rest should keep your body feeling firm and beautiful too.

With this and more, you should be ready to give Kim K a run for her money. Stay fab!

Kim Kardashion with funny glasses  Kim Kardashian Stuns in White


  1. Bookmarking this Page!! Saving it for my Future Wife!!! Kim k is such a Cute Woman!! The First outfit was gorgeous!! I likey :)


  2. Chizy. Now I feel Luke getting pregnant thx for this I will revisit it when i meet mr right


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