Monday, 4 March 2013

Dating Is An Opportunity To Assess A Person's Suitability For You. "Assess, Not Accept".


So, you meet this really cute guy and your heart skips a beat. The chemistry is strong and things heat off. You feel this might just be the one. Along the line, you notice certain things; you don't like the same food, he has a bad temper, he threatens you, he is nonchalant about some things that are important to you... whatever it might be. What are you to do? this bothers you, but you really love him and have been dating for a while.

One thing people in relationships seem to ignore is the fact that a relationship(courtship) is not a do or die affair. It is a time to spend studying each other to know if you can be together for the rest of your lives. No one is perfect, we all know that. So there are times we have to learn to adapt to certain attributes in our partners. But if these 'things' are things you can't stand or that bring up arguments consistently then its better you have a rethink!

Marriage is forever and there are times where you would need more than love to get by. In times like this how would you cope? Do you want to be in a type of marriage where 5/10 years into it, you guys can barely tolerate each other? Now that's the essence of dating. Its not just about going out to all the cool events and being picture perfect. Its a time to talk to each other about your past, your future, goals etc. Can your various plans merge together to become one. All these and much more are things you should also do when dating. Assess the person in all honesty, would you truly be happy in the long run with this person. If the answer is yes, then yaaaaay! but if not, it might be time to reconsider that relationship.

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  1. ThanKs for this post Chizy. U hit d nail in d right place

  2. Some of us don't have a choice, we are 30 n will marry anyone that will give us an above average lifestyle

  3. GOD help us.

  4. Chizy thanks for these post cos dis is jst it. Some gurls feel lk dey must marry a guy dey av dated for a long time cos mayb d guy has done alot 4 her even wen she is nt so happy with his attitude. They alway av d low self esteem lk if i live here where am i going to. All i can say is thanx cos dis article will help alot of women


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