Monday 18 March 2013

Basket Mouth's Wife M.I.A On Red Carpets.

Ever wondered why Basket mouth's wife has been absent from recent red carpets fixes. Well basket mouth himself has said that the last time we saw him and his wife on the red carpet would be the last time we would see them there.

Pray why? Well, he said,
"the first day i did red carpet with my wife, they insulted her dress. I know she was looking good but people will always get angry at her, saying 'why she go fine like that?'. I am used to it but I don’t want her to get exposed to stuff like that again"

Awww, isn't that nice of him. But we do miss her on the red carpets, don't we? Basket mouth by the way would be the first Nigerian comedian to host the 'comedy central show" in South Africa. He seems to have a lot going for him. Congrats basket mouth.

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  1. good one jare baSkilo, but you should know haters will always open there gutter

  2. Cute Wife He got.. Good husband.



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