Monday 18 March 2013

A MUST READ: "How Blessed Was Goldie... Even In Death." Says FaceTalk CEO, Fanimokun Ololade In Her Rhetoric "Death Is A Blessing"


After seeing a post on a blog some days ago, despite the discretion warning, I still curiously opened, it has caused me a few fearful nights. In the midst of my fear, I thought to myself that Death is Indeed a Blessing. The way and manner one dies can be attributed to been Blessed. Yes.

I thought about those who died peacefully and those who died otherwise, all has the tag RIP but do they really RIP? This brings me to the thought of Goldie's death. How blessed she is even in death. Just like a sweet sleep, well, a slight headache, she passes on to the great beyond...

In this day and age where some die in the hands of kidnappers, Bomb blasts, Boko haram attacks, Matchet attacks (Jos), Gun shots, some float on the river banks, others found decomposed, plane crashes, some been stabbed to death by relatives, raped to death, cancer, road accidents, all sorts! *tears in my eyes.

Some days back, precisely on Thursday, 7th of March at abt 10:45pm, I saw a corpse of a full grown man, stack naked on the road by LTV 8, Cocacola on Agidingbin road. Cars running over. A few were able to dodge like myself. It dint look like an accident. One will think such only happens in remote areas or on an express. *sad.

If there's one thing my heart desires especially as end time approaches, its the grace to live well and die well, dats all!
To live a good life that will glorify God my creator and impart my world. Whenever God says "its time my darling" (thou I fervently pray it will be in old age 90+ like many of us will) I just want to die well. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN MOURNING, I BELIEVE IN CELEBRATION OF LIFE.

RIP to all those who have taken their last breath, however it came, May their souls find REST away from this wicked world. Amen.

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