Tuesday 26 February 2013

What's Wrong With This PHOTO Of Banky W And An Endowed Lady Dancing & Grinding On Stage?

Banky W likes bad thing, see how serious he was grinding on this full lady livfe on stage .... I'm sure all those die hard Banky fans fainted while watching their beloved grind this lady. If you missed Banky's love concert then I guess this is what you missed.

I can't stop laughing at his facial expression though ... lol

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Image Courtdey: Seriouslydoughnuts


  1. dis one na missfired passion hehe!

  2. oh my sweet banky w is kissing someone else

  3. Make one girl. Hijack banky before he turn to sometin else. O

  4. Womanizer and a stingy one 4 that matter long *hiss*

    1. and you know he is stingy because he did not give you money abi. lazy Nigerians


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