Thursday, 21 February 2013



Now the autopsy report has been released and I guess that those who want to tarnish the image of the dead by talking about things they did not say when she was alive are done. Goldie will be laid to rest next week, let us look back at the best of her and let her Rest In Peace.

I know a lot of people will still insist that her music was no good, but one thing we can't deny is her talent when it comes to Goldie, so instead of arguing about what she wasn't good at, let us focus on what we know she was great at.

Who would have thought that Goldie would leave so soon? See her looking sizzling hot in that leather Gothic outfit. Gosh when it comes to Nigerian musical female video custom she's absolutely number 1. Her creativity amazes me. I don't joke with the slightest opportunity to see her latest video outfit, cos I know she would definitely come out with something unique. It's a shame we had to lose someone with such great capabilities. Well it's not our call, but rather that of the creator of all- GOD.

Eva Alordiah speaks about Goldie
"I am grateful today, that I had the pleasure of working with you Goldie boo, traveling, touring, doing shows with you. I loved you from day one! Fresh into the university and without a clue what I wanted from life, there you were on my TV screen doing what most women didn't dare. Even I didn't understand you at first. But I understood this one fact "You were YOU!" And it hit me right there. I finally realized what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be me. ME! Without a care in the world what "they" say as long as I am me. No compromise" 




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