Wednesday, 13 February 2013

John Dumelo Launches Hair Line In Johannesburg, South Africa.

About a week ago we shared that Ghanaian actor John Dumelo was going to host a BIG party in Johannesburg, in South Africa, according to his February 5 tweet:

"Its going down in J'burg, SA this weekend!!! I'm hosting the biggest and baddest party at the Hush night club in j'burg!! Launching of J.melo!"

 Well, now we know what the BIG party was: The Ghanaian star launched his hair and clothing line JMelo at HUSH night club in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 8, 2013.

John Dumelo in Johannesburg

He wrote on Instagram, "Successfully launched the Jmelo hair weave line in South Africa" after posting the picture above.

Dumelo launched JMelo in 2011 and mentions hair, handbags, casual African apparels and African prints boxer shorts as some of the accessories the line will  provide.


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  1. No comparison , Rita is way ahead . Combination with yellow hoes as compared to chi's black which almost looks tacky . Rita's pose far more alluring than Chi's. Chi's squares doesnt match Rita's curves either !


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