Monday, 25 February 2013

Photos: Tiger Woods And Ex-Wife Hang Out Together.

Tiger Woods spotted for the first time with Swedish model ex-wife Elin Nordegren since their separation in 2009. They were playing it warm at a t-ball game with their kids in Jupiter, Florida.

Woods and son Charlie, 4, arrived first and were there for an hour before, Nordegren and daughter Sam, 5, showed up.

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Both kids had their baseball gloves and the four of them were together for a half-hour before they started to draw attention. That’s when they all jumped into Nordegren’s car and took off.

Their six-year-old marriage fell apart in late 2009 after Elin, 33 discovered Woods, 37 had strings of affairs with other women. But it is reported that Tiger is so desperate to win her back he is willing to sign an agreement which would hand her half of his £560 million fortune if he plays away again.

Tiger and Elin 

Just maybe they are back together?

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  1. Thank God!am so haPpy for her consideration! He will would return to his best performance in sports...

  2. She not a model she was Jesper Parnevik nanny a Swedish golfer, tiger met her when he standed at Jesper's house, his publicist are the one who spine the story that shes a model to save face, she didn't even finish high school, now shes sticking rich of alimony


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