Tuesday, 26 February 2013


1. It's only in Nigeria that Jesus sends BC's. Some BC's start like "Hello, I am Jesus, forward this BC to 20 other people to get blessed"

2. You've different pictures of hot girls on your Phone, and you want your Girlfriend to believe you're not cheating? Are you a Photographer?

3. Father: where would you like to go. Son: to the dentist, need to check my eyes, I can't hear a thing.

4. Wanna know if your man is Cheating? Take his phone & run into the bathroom. If he tries to kick down the door.. you're not d only one.

5. In terminator 2, Schwarzenegger only spoke 700 words and was paid $15million. you gossip and backbite a million words daily, how much does it pay?

6. Most guys will say they prefer girls with 'Brains over Beauty' but yet they will choose 'Kim Kardashian" over Okonjo Iweala.

7. If an Igbo boy puts his arm and leg around you when you're both sleeping, he's not cuddling. He's only making sure you don't steal his money and run.

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  1. good one chizy this joke makes your blogg unik kip it up wit diz sensible jokes.

  2. I tire for u my guy,just continue to dey make me laugh


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