Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. How come Mario can smash through bricks...yet he dies when he touches a freaking turtle? Is he a learner?

2. When a Pastor says, "Give and you shall receive", he did not mean you should give your body & receive money.

3. You can't recite the 36 states in Nigeria but you can mention 47 Hotels n 72 night clubs in Lag without thinking. My Sister your life is blinking on a low battery.

4. You drank garri twice today, bought N100 Mtn recharge card, subscribed for 10MB, came on Twitter & wrote "Money isn't a problem".

5. Akpos was drunk & struggling to open his door. Ochuko: Any problem?.. Akpos: Please help me to hold the House straight I want to open the door.

6.  Biology teacher: What is commonly found in Cells ?.. Akpos: Thieves.

7. Teacher: What is the opposite of Ma?.. Akpos: Sir.. Teacher: Good, so what is the opposite of Madam?.. Akpos: Simple, it is Sirdam.

8.  PASTOR: Why did you bring Cement to the Wedding.. Akpos: So you can help us Seal our Marriage.

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